PooCrew poodles are truly special and generations of dogs have proved it. PooCrew pups have gone on to become service animals, pet therapy companions,  and beloved family members.  They have brought joy, love and healing to many families over the years.  Blessed with issue-free health and intelligence that simplifies puppyhood, everything about them allows you to get a new baby that brings all the happiness, laughter, and snuggle moments a puppy should bring.  This joy only magnifies as they grow, as they are super entertaining, mind blowing with their intelligence, and will be the best friend you've ever known.

   PooCrew poodles have been tested for generations to ensure they are not disease-prone.  Generational health testing includes OFA's for hips and SA skin and coat, eyes, VWB, Negative for Addisons, and DNA.  The impeccable health of our poodles has given them quite impressive AKC champion filled pedigrees.  

    Call us to come snuggle a puppy and fall in love today.

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